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The network on multidisciplinarity and valuation for INTEGRATED COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT is part of the ENCORA Initiative for a Coordination Action in the European coastal research and practitioners community.

Managing coastal zones implies continuous confrontation with conflicts over the allocation and use of coastal al marine resources. Conflicts link variables and processes, coming from different contexts and using different languages, measures and criteria. New tools and strategies are needed in order to confront different values and to realize a condivided decision-making process.

The network on multidisciplinarity brings together researchers, coastal practioners, policy advisors and administrators, working on valuation, monitoring of socio-economic impacts and decision making.



We would like to invite you to participate in the thematic network Multidisciplinary aspects and Evaluation in the context of integrated Coastal zone Management processes, part of the ENCORA Platform.
The aim of Thematic networks within the ENCORA Platform is threefold:
- Create contacts and occasions for exchange of knowledge and experience among coastal zone experts, including researchers as well as – hopefully – practioners in order to fill information gaps,
create communities of practioners, and new occasions for collaboration;
- Contribute to a State of the Art report on ICZM throughout Europe.
- Contribute, in a second phase of the project, to an European Action Plan for integrated Coastal zone management.

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Thematic Network Conference
12th – 13th  March  2007. Venice, Italy

The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) and the Consortium for Coordination of Research Activities Concerning the Venice Lagoon System (CORILA), are organizing a conference on socio economic impacts on coastal zones and their evaluation in a context of integrated coastal zone management.
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